WDLMA Vision

"It is my wish and hope that these rules will make for a very competitive racing environment. It is my mission to move dirt track racing forward without starting another separate class. We need more cars at the events we have. We don't need a separate and restrictive set of rules and another class to dilute the field. I try to run the WDLMA as fairly as possible"

Bill Behling


2016 Official WDLMA Rules

Section II.- WDLMA Heat Transfer Procedure

We will use the following lineup procedure at our traveling shows:
  • Passing point formula will be modified to award 2 points per car passed (currently 1.5 points are awarded)
  • No invert will be used to determine the car that starts on the pole of the A-main.  The car with the most passing points will always start on the pole of the A-main.
  • Ties will be broken first by the car that passed the most cars during the heat and second by the earlier heat race.
  • The car running in 2nd place of a race during a restart will be allowed to choose the inside or outside of the 2nd row, behind the leader, who is the sole car in the first row.